Candy Cane Ornaments Painted with Golf Balls

Toddlers will love using this favourite paint technique to make a batch of candy cane ornaments to hang on the Christmas tree this year.

The hooligans LOVE painting with golf balls.  If you’ve never tried it before you must!  Little ones just love all the bouncing and shaking that goes on while they’re creating their craft.

laced candy cane ornament

This project was really fun because it was so many things wrapped up into one: a painting activity, a craft, a christmas ornament and a lacing activity.

I got the idea from one of Teach Preschool‘s readers.  She’d done some jingle bell painting, and turned the paintings into candy canes.  We don’t have any jingle bells here.  I swore I bought some in the fall, but I can’t seem to find them, so maybe I just THOUGHT about buying some.

Anyway, we pulled out the golf balls.  We had a lot of fun golf-ball painting a few months ago, but we were outside in the nice weather.  I was a little concerned about painted golf balls flying around the room, being inside, so we used a kleenex box, and another box with a lid to contain the balls.  Both boxes had “windows” which was neat – the Hooligans could see what kind of progress they were making as their golf balls were zinging around inside the boxes.  We used one box for red paint, and the other for green.  (I put a rubber band around the box it would stay shut).

Once the paintings dried, I cut out candy cane shapes, and punched holes in them.  The Hooligans used white wool, and did some “lacing”.  Then I used some of the wool to make a hanger so they could put these on their Christmas trees.

Cute!  And so fun!!



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