Pretend Cake and Ice Cream in the Snow

We haven’t been crafting much since Valentine’s Day, but we’ve had snow, so we’ve been spending a lot of time outside, enjoying the snow while it lasts.

When we headed out this morning, we discovered that our snow was nice and sticky, so we brought out some scoops and containers, and set up a cake and ice-cream shop on the front porch.

Badminton birdies make perfect ice cream cones!

We raided the garden for items to decorate the cakes with, and collected sticks and twigs for birthday candles.

Ice cube trays are great for making a “box of chocolates”.

These simple materials kept the Hooligans cooking up a storm for over an hour. :)

And I received this lovely “birthday cake” just before we headed inside for lunch. :)

Do you have snow where you are?


    • happyhooligans says

      It’s been crazy here too. This last snowfall is almost gone already. Last evening and overnight, we had rain, so it’s mostly green grass out there now. :(

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