Butterfly Magnet Craft

Another cold and gloomy day here!   It seems odd to be doing Spring crafts, and thinking about butterflies, and then bundling up with hats and mitts and winter coats for play, but we are, and here are the sweet, little butterfly magnet craft that we made today.

This is a great, spring craft for fodders and preschoolers.  I got my inspiration from Creative Tots’ Butterflies, and we put our own little spin on ours.

I set out four dishes with water that I tinted with food colouring.  Each Hooligan got a piece of paper-towel and a paintbrush, and went to town tapping and dabbing until the paper towel was coloured.

It’s a neat activity as they learn about water absorption and colour mixing.

Then they each painted a clothes peg (clipping it to a piece of cardboard makes it easier for little fingers to paint).

We set our stuff by the fire to dry while we had snack, but you could speed up the process with a blow-dryer.

Once dry, cinch the paper towel in the middle, clip it with the clothes-peg, and glue on a couple of googly eyes.

I cut a fridge magnet into strips, and we glued a strip onto the back of each clothes-peg.

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