Adding Artificial Flowers to Your Outdoor Play Space

Sometimes the simplest items provide kids with the most amazing play opportunities.  If you’ve poked around the pages of my blog, you’ve likely read about some of the very basic equipment and accessories we have here in the backyard of my home daycare.

Our bucket and rope contraption, water wall & sand wall, our bottle babies and our play logs are just a few examples of how simple, inexpensive items can foster imagination and creativity and provide endless hours of good, old-fashioned play.

Today, I want to show you how adding a few artificial flowers to your outdoor play space can do that too.

Adding artificial flowers to your outdoor play space- Happy Hooligans

Every couple of years, for a few bucks, I pick up several new “bouquets” of fake flowers.

I often get them at the second-hand shop for next-to-nothing, and occasionally I pick a bunch or two up at the dollar store.

preschooler carrying flowers in sunshine

We keep our flowers in the sandbox area of our yard, and honestly, I am constantly amazed by how much entertainment these artificial flowers provide.

playing with flowers, coffee grounds and lentils

The hooligans use them in all kinds of pretend play situations. From pretend weddings to tea parties and parades, our flowers make an almost-daily appearance in the hooligans’ dramatic play scenarios.

tea party with natural items and fake flowers

The children set up pretend flower shops, and they use their flowers in the sand kitchen to decorate their sand cakes and mud pies.

Artificial flowers in the sandbox

They’ve used the artificial flowers to make a “garden” that stretches along the front of the sandbox,

preschooler watering artificial flowers beside sandbox

and we’ve stuck them into planters and flower pots and tended to them with our mini watering cans.

boys water fake flowers in flower pots

Our flowers are in use all year long.  Even on the coldest winter days, someone can usually be seen toting a bunch of flowers around in a mittened hand.

baby playing with artificial flowers in the snow

planting dollar store flowers beside sandbox

And you have to admit, our flowers, even if they are artificial, add a nice pop of colour to our play space on a dreary day.

Playing with artificial flowers in the yard in winter

So the next time you’re at the thrift shop or the dollar store, stop by the flower section, and pick up several bunches to take home for your play space!

baby giving flowers to toddler on the tireswing

You’ll be amazed at all the ways your kids will find to play with them!

preschoolers holding pretend parade holding flowers


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