Our gift from Chalk Chook!

A gift from Chalk Chook: gorgeous homemade sidewalk chalk!

It’s not every day that the hooligans receive mail here in our home daycare, so you can imagine their surprise and excitement when they learned that while they were napping, a gift sent from half-way around the world, had arrived for them.

Chalk Chook - homemade sidewalk chalk

If you’ve never heard of Chalk Chook, let me introduce you!  Located in Australia, the lovely Mel of Chalk Chook has created a line of gorgeous homemade sidewalk chalk. You MUST check out Chalk Chook’s website and facebook page!  For me, it was love at first sight.  The vibrant colours, the adorable shapes and the delicious photography had me absolutely swooning!

When I discovered our gift from Chalk Chook in the mail today, it was all I could do to not open it myself.  I was good though, and I simply removed the tape from the box so the hooligans would be able to easily open it when they got up from their naps.

How fun!   They were so excited when I told them that they had received a delivery!

They gathered around the package, and wondered about what might be inside.  “I think it’s a golden tiara”, said one little hooligan!

And then they lifted the lid to reveal:chalk chook's beautifully wrapped selection of homemade chalks

the tiny treasures, all individually wrapped in small boxes, cellophane, colourful tissue paper, and paper packets wrapped in string.  How dreamy is that?   There was also a personal, hand-penned note from the lovely Mel!  (Hi, Mel!!!) :)chalk chook star

And the flurry of activity began as little hands opened boxes, untied strings, and unwrapped tissue paper.
chalk chook


There were Oooohs and Ahhhhs and squeals of excitement as tiny butterflies and dinosaurs, and chunky stars, cars and fishies were unveiled.

chalk chook homemade chalk cars

The hooligans were so giddy you’d have thought it was Christmas!IMG_5660

When all of the chalk was unwrapped, the children and I poured over the beautiful pieces.  The vibrant colours and shapes are candy to the eyes, and the chalk feels different than commercial sidewalk chalk.  One of the first things I noticed (and you Mamas will appreciate this), is that while we handled all of the pieces, our hands remained clean, and not covered with chalk dust!   Love you for that, Mel!a variety of shapes from chalk chook

The hooligans spent about a half hour examining and testing and trading shapes back and forth, and they each chose a piece or two to take home with them today.   The rest we’ll put into action here at the daycare.

Although our snow has finally melted, we’re still experiencing daily snow flurries, but as soon as things warm up a bit, you can bet we’ll be heading outside and hitting the pavement with our new chalk, and we’ll be sharing those photos with you too!

I can’t wait!!

Hey, Chalk Chook:Thanks to Chalk Chook

You are so awesome!


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